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a Swedish deep-tech technology commercialization firm that owns and develops a unique bolt strain measurement technique, patented in EU, USA and Asia. Our global team spans three continents, driving industrial partnerships under ex-McKinsey leadership with 20+ years’ experience.



Safety Bolt delivers innovative solutions by commercializing core-technologies for specific industry applications while helping customers collect, monitor, and understand crucial data.


Safety Bolt works to to be the primary provider of strain data analytics globally.

Core Values


Through our research and development, and implementation of new technologies, Safety Bolt aim to have a positive impact on industry, the environment, and communities around the world.


Entrepreneurial spirit to test assumptions and create value is at the heart of Safety Bolt. We aim to find novel solutions for big problems, create new methods and technologies for legacy systems, and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes.


Safety Bolt has a dedication to equality, diversity, inclusiveness, and fairness. We have an open culture and value debate and transparency. Safety Bolt seeks ethical profitability both internally and with those with whom we do business.

Hard Work

At Safety Bolt, we put in the difficult and hard work to be a trusted source for high-quality innovative solutions. We continue to iterate and are dedicated to getting it right through an unrelenting exploration of new technologies, applications, and industries.

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