Safety Bolt
by 100X

Contactless measurement of material strain


Contactless messurment of material strain.
Magnetic field under strain

Value proposition

Proprietary technology allows for a low cost, precise, digital and contactless measurement of material stress and strain via induction in fastening elements and fastening tools. It establishes the linear relationship between the force applied to an object, with its physical strain in the material measured all the way up to deformation. This allows for a broad range of accurately measured applications:

  • Stress and strain over time in fastening elements
  • Applied torque in fastening tools for bolting
  • Automatic monitoring and predictive maintenance

Patented technology

The proprietary technology allows for a precise, digital and contactless measurement of material strain using inductive sensor technology.

It establish the linear relationship between the force in Newton applied to an object, with its physical strain measured through magnetic property changes providing a live measurement of the material durability.

Combined with own technology using power effective, low cost and battery powered device, the application areas are vast, including integrated torque measurement for power tools and manufacturing industry.

digital contactless measurement

IoT application significantly increases safety, lowers lowers total cost of ownership and aggregates valuable datasets for predictive maintenance on entire buildings, vehicles or infrastructure projects.

Development partners of 100X


The technology has been developed as a collaboration between Rocan Systems, RISE Sweden. Atlas Copco, EU Institute of Innovation & Technology, AFRY, Berotec & 100xImpact.

Development of the technology has been ongoing since 2008.

Patent No: EP2580562A1, European Patent Office.

Prototype system has been developed and tested across a large number of different fasteners and various tools in magnetostrictive materials.

Technology offering

Currently collecting expressions of Interest regarding commercial use of the patented technology

As in-house development continues, the general application of the technology provides opportunities in several industries, including construction, mining, energy and manufacturing.

100X are currently evaluating partners who wish to join us to commercially explore partnerships and win-win deployment models for the technology worldwide.

For further information or any questions, please contact us via email.