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Remote monitoring of structural bolts to reduce cost, time & risk in:
Construction, Infrastructure & Mining

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Safety Bolt provides a patented bolt strain monitoring technology to leading multinationals in various industrial sectors. Our solutions reduce safety risks, bring substantial bottom-line savings, flexibility, and scalability to structural maintenance of wind farms, mines, infrastructure, and tooling.

Reinforcing bolts are fundamental to structural safety. Sensor systems provide precision installation and full-time remote monitoring crucial for improving asset lifetime, avoiding costly operational downtime and enabling predictive maintenance.

Safety Bolt's systems remotely monitors bolt strain, in real-time, allowing operators to predict potential failures, mitigate risk, and properly schedule maintenance activities.



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World Patent

Patent developed by RISE, owned by Safety Bolt for EU, USA and Asia states the relationship between magnetism and the force in Newton applied to the bolt.


This provides a precise, digital and contactless measurement of material strain and material durability using an inductive sensor.

Unmatched Features

Validated as leading technology globally for application across industries give features such as:

•130+ measurements/s

•Tested over 5 years

•Minimal build size

•Battery efficient

•Low cost

Value Proposition

Safety Bolt wireless sensors and integrated systems will collect and analyze never-before-captured structural data to optimize safety, operations, and maintenance protocols.



Correctly applied, our sensors can save lives and billion € of  investments.



Safety Bolt works with industry experts, applying wireless sensor technology where structural integrity is of importance





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